My channels


Tutorials and web tutorials on programming, web programming, game programming and other stuff. Focused on learning people how to code, how to use new technologies and how to improove their skills on a fun and friendly way that encourage discovering new stuff.

Nos Gusta Linux

It used to cover guides and reviews on new software for GNU/Linux and distributions. At the moment I'm only focusing on reviews since it is what people usually most care about anyway. People tend to find my salty humor funny.

Other collaborations

Personal note: As of August 2016, I have finished all the collaborations and other partnered projects I had on production. I have decided to temporally stop working on collaborations such as workshops or full tutorials. Please, don’t contact me at this moment for inquiries about this. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Over the years I have collaborated on other YouTube channels as well, either as guest appearances for workshops, webinars or similar, or for complete courses. These links points to external websites or channels that are outside of my control.