Videos and other tutorials


makigas is a free to watch YouTube channel where I publish tutorials and other screencasts on programming, web design, game development and more. It started as a summer idea back in 2012 and it has ever since been a hobby I try to continue whenever I’m able to.

Since its inception, makigas has attracted a lot of people, who want to improove their skills, learn new technologies, or get the basics about programming on a particular language. More than 14,000 people are currently subscribed to this channel and there are over 1,400,000 playbacks.

It has been featured on several lists and articles about online learning and self-education. I’m even aware some of my courses and videos are being used as supplementary material on universities. Most of the possitive comments I receive about this project feature the entertaining and informal teaching style used in the videos.

What exactly happened to makigas EDU and Nos Gusta Linux?

makigas EDU was a spin-off project I started developing in 2015 to produce educational content not related to programming, such as screencasts on Maths or Physics. A few pilot episodes went live in order to test whether the project had future. It turned out, the answer was no.

Nos Gusta Linux was a separate channel I used to maintain with tutorials and reviews on GNU+Linux distributions and software. Continued negative and harrassing feedback coming from parts of the audience forced me back on early March 2017 to shut down the channel, at least temporally, until I figure out what exactly to do with it.

Other collaborations

Personal note: As of August 2016, I’ve temporally stopped working on workshops, webinars and other kinds of tutorials. I don’t have a date on when I’ll be available for these kind of projects. Please, don’t contact me at this moment for inquiries about this.

Over the years I have collaborated on other YouTube channels as well, either as guest appearances for workshops, webinars or similar, or for complete courses. These links points to external websites or channels that are outside of my control.