Here is a list of things I’ve published, mostly online. If you are looking into things I’ve built or projects I’ve developed, those are available here. As a self promotion for my YouTube channel, I’ve included here some selected tutorials and videos from makigas. There is more content, though. Visit if you are interested in all the content.


Creación y reutilización de Web Components
This paper was included in the proceedings of the 8th International Congress on Application of Advanced Information and Communications Technologies (ATICA 2017), held in Colombia in October 2017.
This tutorial explains the concepts behind the provisioning tool Ansible, covering the syntax, the definitions, and the most important and useful modules Ansible developers should know.


Git y GitHub, completo desde cero
This was an online course co-produced with the teacher behind the YouTube channel jotajotavm, that teaches the concepts and the workflows behind the popular code hosting and social coding site GitHub.


Tutorial de Git
This videotutorial explains in less than 3 hours the most important concepts about Git that developers should know in order to be successful versioning their code.
Cómo hacer un juego para Android
This was an external tutorial produced for the YouTube channel jotajotavm. A practical example on how to do an Android game using the game development libraries libGDX and Box2D.


Tutorial de libGDX
This tutorial teaches some concepts on game development for both Android and desktop computers using the Java-based libGDX library covering the most important modules and sections of the library.


Git en media hora
This video explains the most basic elements of Git in less than 30 minutes. If you never used Git and need to know what is it right now, start here.


Tutorial de HTML
This tutorial is slightly outdated since some of the lessons were made more than five years ago, but it's an useful resource for people who want to grasp the basics of the HTML markup language.