Please, note that this is intentionally a filtered list of my best projects. There are more side projects, many of them are open source and exposed at my GitHub profile. Unfortunately, my GitHub profile is also full of half-baked projects and abandoned ideas, so browse with care!

A few thumbnails from my YouTube channel.


2012- • makigas is my YouTube channel where I have uploaded more than 400 videotutorials about programming, game development and web development. More than 15.000 subscribers have enjoyed the content and there are more than 1.500.000 total playbacks.''

Rectball logo.


2015 • Rectball is a puzzle game for Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS X. The objective is to make selections before the time runs out. It is developed in Java using the libGDX library. I know it is still not pretty, but it works!

An screenshot taken from the CHIP-8 emulator.


2015-2016 • chip8 is a CHIP-8 emulator for Windows, Linux and MacOS X using C and SDL2. At the moment it supports the CHIP-8 specification making it compatible with already existing CHIP-8 ROMs. I’m planning on adding support for SCHIP-48 opcodes and developing SDK tools such as an assembler, or a dissassembler.

A screenshot of the NativeOS boot load process.


2016- • NativeOS is a hobby kernel and operating system for x86 processors. I started this project because I wanted to know more about how operating systems and the x86 processor works. This is not an attempt at reinventing operating systems, it is just an educational project.