Actualizaciones - page 9

I’ve finally processed a dump of my Instagram feed and uploaded it here. Photos are stored in my Minio instance and they are implemented as photo notes. Then I’ve disabled my Instagram account for the time being. Next goal: Flickr photos, and Twitter photos.

There may be a few imported photos that may be so recent they may be present in my public global feed. Sorry, RSS readers. By the way, there is a photo feed now (RSS version) which only displays recent photos.

I’m reaching the threshold barrier where there are so many posts that Jekyll has a hard time compiling this stuff.

La cosa que estoy preparando:

Preparando una cosa.

My cat looking at the camera.

Yesterday I added support for note entries in my website. Today I want to add support for photo entries, in order to publish photos in my site and control how they look. So here is a photo of one of my cats as a testcard.

PS: I’ve downloaded all my photos from Instagram (including metadata such as timestamps, titles…), and I’ll be uploading a stash of old photos in this site soon.

Hi. This is the first status update, also known as note, in my website. Unlike articles, notes are short and concise. They tell ideas. They draft stuff. They look like status updates on other social networks, except that I can make them as long as I can. (I’ll try to keep things short, I promise 🤞). I’ll be beta-testing notes for a while by posting status updates now and then.

Acaba una semana cargada de cambios y novedades.

Acaba una semana cargada de cambios y novedades.

linux.conf.au 2018 has started →

This week is linux.conf.au 2018. Due to how time zones work and because this event is held in Australia, it actually started hours ago. I’ll keep an eye on their YouTube channel later.

Roadmap for 2018 for danirod.es: embrace the open web

This year, I want to make danirod.es my main online identity and stop relying so much on social networks for hosting my content, such as my photos or my status updates. This will not change the use I make of social networks, so if you follow me on social networks, not much will be noticeable. This blog post will help me control the list of changes and features I’ll add to my website through the year in order to make it open, federated, and independent.

Hoja de ruta para danirod.es en 2018: abrazar la web abierta

Este año, quiero convertir danirod.es en mi principal identidad online y dejar de depender tanto de las redes sociales para alojar mi contenido, como fotos o actualizaciones de estado. Esto no cambiará el uso que hago de las redes sociales, así que si me sigues en una red social, no vas a notar demasiados cambios. Esta entrada de blog me ayudará a documentar la lista de cambios y características que voy a implementar en mi página web a lo largo de este año para volverla abierta, federada e independiente.

Un navegador GPS mostrando el escritorio de Windows CE.

Le he hecho jailbreak a un viejo navegador GPS y ahora tengo acceso a la shell de Windows CE que tiene en su interior.