Actualizaciones - page 8

Un selfie llevando una camiseta con el logotipo de NGINX.

Hoy mi apodo es… nginxman.

Levanta el pulgar imitando el gesto de una pegatina pegada en la puerta de un tren de Metro.

Born to be a rebel.

Captura de pantalla de la app Slack cambiando el estado por el texto: De puente

Situación actual: cambiando el estado del Slack.

Sandra →

Esta semana me he ventilado en mis trayectos en transporte público Sandra, una ficción sonora (en inglés) que habla de cómo podría ser la IA en un mundo paralelo parecido al nuestro. Son 7 capítulos y una de las voces la pone Kristen Wiig.

Sandra →

I’ve listened this week to Sandra. It’s a fictional podcast located in a world where IA and virtual assistants are… slightly different than what we are used to. Kinda distopical at a few moments, but I’m sure after listening to the first episode you’ll want to keep listening. The entire seasion is available online so you can listen to it at once in an afternoon or in a few commutes.

FTR, Telegram is not the proper alternative to WhatsApp or FB Messenger if you’re looking for something “open”. Just because the client is open source doesn’t make the cut, if the server is closed source, and I don’t understand why people don’t get this.

Signal may be a better alternative since the server code is open source, although it’s not easy to rollout your own server because the official client has the central server address hardcoded and you’d have to fork the client as well.

Another alternative is XMPP, although it doesn’t have a lot of traction, specially considering how modern chatty stuff such as ‘last online at’ or ‘read receipts’ depend on XEP extensions that have to be implemented by both the server and the client. Despite that, running an XMPP server nowadays is as easy as installing ejabberd, keeping sensible defaults such as making logins private, and using your Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (yes it can be used!).

Becoming an Open Web: April 2018 update

Some updates on what I've recently added to my site in the last few months as part of my effort this year to make danirod.es my main online identity and stop depending on social networks. I added new post types such as notes and photos for shorter status updates, and I added more HTML and XML feeds. I'm still using the same shitty software, although I'm considering for alternatives now.

The Museum of Websites →

The Museum of Websites is a glorified Wayback Machine explorer for some important and well known websites. It has screenshots so you can see how did popular pages such as Google or Yahoo looked through the years and there are links pointing to the Wayback Archive in case you want to explore them by yourself.

Mi portátil mostrando la portada de la presentación.

Hoy he dado mi primera charla en público como tal. Muchos asistentes y muy buen rollo. También nervios, como es de esperar. Una pasada poder contar cosas chulas e inspirar y animar para que creéis juegos, y también regresar a los pasillos y aulas que me convirtieron en ingeniero. Ya sé que lo he repetido mucho ya, pero gracias a los organizadores por contar conmigo. 😊

My legs and trainers in a hole of water as I'm sitting in the ground.

I had a little accident while running yesterday. Rain has been heavy recently and terrain is still slippery. Water was cold, and mud was hard to remove, but at least my headphones and my phone are OK. 😅