I’m a software engineer, specialized in web development, either front-end, back-end or full-stack. I like playing with web frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails and WordPress, and I’m trying to do my best at staying up to date with the ever-changing JavaScript panorama, as well as new and promising programming languages that provide new ways for working and creating things.

I’m a creative person, who likes to work in teams, who likes looking into the little details of development. That’s why I also like user interfaces and usability. Other interests of mine are mobile development and dev-ops / systems administration.

As a hobby, game development and hardware emulation are cool as well. I published an Android game in the Google Play Store I invite you to download if you want to kill some free time but don’t know how. Plus, I have released an open source game console emulator.

When I’m not at my computer, you’ll find me doing some running or jogging, listening to podcasts, reading books about fiction or contemporany history, or practising some languages.


This is a static site made using Jekyll. Blog posts and pages are written as Markdown files, compiled into static HTML pages, and then deployed to my web server. I don’t use GitHub Pages anymore since they don’t support the plugins I use anyway, and their lack of support for HTTPS on custom domains is a shame.

I’m using Octopress Paginate to generate the archive pages for the linklog and the blog, and Jekyll Assets to manage stylesheets, JavaScript files and site images. I’ve tried to keep the site simple in order to make it more portable. I’ll share more technical details about this site (specially how to make a linklog in Jekyll) soon.