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I'm Dani Rodríguez, but I'm usually known online as danirod.

I’m a creative software engineer living in Madrid, Spain, specialized in web development, who likes to play with web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django or WordPress. Online, I'm also known for being the founder and video producer at makigas.

This is my site, currently hosting my blog articles and linklog bookmarks. You may reach me via e-mail. You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, or through any of my social media profiles and online accounts.

Recent stuff

    The Museum of Websites

    The Museum of Websites is a glorified Wayback Machine explorer for some important and well known websites. It has screenshots so you can see how did popular pages such as Google or Yahoo looked through the years and there are links pointing to the Wayback Archive in case you want to explore them by yourself.

    Mi portátil mostrando la portada de la presentación.

    Hoy he dado mi primera charla en público como tal. Muchos asistentes y muy buen rollo. También nervios, como es de esperar. Una pasada poder contar cosas chulas e inspirar y animar para que creéis juegos, y también regresar a los pasillos y aulas que me convirtieron en ingeniero. Ya sé que lo he repetido mucho ya, pero gracias a los organizadores por contar conmigo. 😊

    My legs, feet and sneaks are inside a big water hole.

    I had a little accident while running yesterday. Rain has been heavy recently and terrain is still slippery. Water was cold, and mud was hard to remove, but at least my headphones and my phone are OK. 😅

    I’ve finally processed a dump of my Instagram feed and uploaded it here. Photos are stored in my Minio instance and they are implemented as photo notes. Then I’ve disabled my Instagram account for the time being. Next goal: Flickr photos, and Twitter photos.

    There may be a few imported photos that may be so recent they may be present in my public global feed. Sorry, RSS readers. By the way, there is a photo feed now (RSS version) which only displays recent photos.

    I’m reaching the threshold barrier where there are so many posts that Jekyll has a hard time compiling this stuff.

    La cosa que estoy preparando:

    Preparando una cosa.

    My cat looking at the camera.

    Yesterday I added support for note entries in my website. Today I want to add support for photo entries, in order to publish photos in my site and control how they look. So here is a photo of one of my cats as a testcard.

    PS: I’ve downloaded all my photos from Instagram (including metadata such as timestamps, titles…), and I’ll be uploading a stash of old photos in this site soon.

    Hi. This is the first status update, also known as note, in my website. Unlike articles, notes are short and concise. They tell ideas. They draft stuff. They look like status updates on other social networks, except that I can make them as long as I can. (I’ll try to keep things short, I promise 🤞). I’ll be beta-testing notes for a while by posting status updates now and then.

    Acaba una semana cargada de cambios y novedades.

    Acaba una semana cargada de cambios y novedades.

    linux.conf.au 2018 has started

    This week is linux.conf.au 2018. Due to how time zones work and because this event is held in Australia, it actually started hours ago. I’ll keep an eye on their YouTube channel later.

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