Hi, my name is Dani and I'm a software engineer. I'm interested in programming languages, web development, game development, emulators and other kind of retro systems and hardware emulation. You can follow me at Twitter and GitHub.

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Category: makigas

Adiós, makigas, adiós

Con esta entrada de blog os informo que he decidido interrumpir de forma indefinida las operaciones del canal de YouTube makigas. Han sido unos años muy divertidos, pero mis prioridades en la vida han cambiado desde que todo comenzó y mantener al día un canal de YouTube ya no está entre ellas.

Category: UNIX

Cloning (mirroring) a website with wget

This is a little trick that I always forget, so I’m saving it here for reference to myself (as well as for anyone). Sometimes it is useful to mirror an entire website. Maybe it is a website that doesn’t often work. Maybe you need to have offline access to that site. There are a couple reasons. In my case there’s a website with lots of open documentation in PDF format that I’m trying to access, but I don’t want to manually save each one of the tens of PDF files available, so I’d prefer to just clone the website. The following command for wget will let you do this.

Category: WordPress

Lambda Functions and WordPress

Even if my personal website doesn’t use WordPress anymore, some of my projects, such as the backends for makigas.es, are using WordPress. Since they are personal side-projects, I infinitely postponed fixing all the bugs on the template and plugin system, but this week I decided to take this seriously and finally make a nice webpage for my project.

Category: UNIX

Installing i386-elf-gcc on MacOS X

I wanted to build a cross-compiler for MacOS X that would allow me to compile the ELF kernel image of my tiny operating system I’m developing without having to always use my Arch Linux distribution instead of just using OS X. Creating a cross-compiler is not that hard, but it requires following some instructions and it takes some time. The good thing is that once you build it, you can leave it in a folder installed and you won’t ever have to build it again. In this article I’ll describe how I compiled myself the i386-elf-gcc compiler on MacOS X El Capitan.

Category: Blogging

Switching to Jekyll

I have switched to Jekyll as my blogging platform. I’m a user with a lot of years of WordPress and Blogger on my back but I consider that Jekyll is a better solution for the kind of web site that I want to have.

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